Hey Mufson, Don’t Pick Up Your Phone!

Washington investigative freelancer Evan Gahr, an avid phone enthusiast, is like a dog with a bone at this point about that internal WaPo lawsuit involving a sales employee who is accusing the paper of race and age discrimination. Gahr is incensed that they won’t run the story on their pages. He surmises that the company lawyer doesn’t think it’d be wise for employees to discuss it with him. But he can’t, won’t leave it alone.

Might WaPo consider installing a Caller ID?

If few others appreciate it, reporter Steven Mufson might.

Gahr posted his latest phone call with Mufson. We reported on a previous call last week.

According to Gahr, the conversation went something like this. The exchange is actually pretty fascinating…Steven Mufson: Steven Mufson
Evan Gahr: This is Evan. Are you going to cover the lawsuit or help the Post cover it up?
Steven Mufson: We decided not to cover it.
Evan Gahr: Why?
Steven Mufson: Because that’s what we decided.
Steven Mufson: I’m really irritated by your questions.
Evan Gahr: Stop making me the issue. You owe your readers an explanation about why you won’t cover this.
Steven Mufson: The decision was made before we spoke last week.
Evan Gahr: Who made the decision?
Steven Mufson: You know what? I’m not having this conversation. Goodbye.

We requested comment from Mufson.

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