WaPo Starts to Literally Post Everything to Site

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 16.16.27In the age of information overload, there’s much – and often too much – that leaves us asking questions. A new project by The Washington Post is here to help.

PostEverything is the outlet’s attempt to answer questions by experts poised to do just that. The project is being led by Adam Kushner, who joined the Post in February 2014 from the National Journal where he served as executive editor.

As explained in its inaugural post, “What are some of the dumbest things people think about American foreign policy? Ask a political scientist. How do football teams draft prospects, what does it feel like to confess to atheism in a deeply religious place, is Russia really seeding Crimea with more Russian citizens, and how did university sexual-assault policies get to be so daft? Ask the people who are in a position to answer.”

Authors thus far include lawyer Zerlina Maxwell with If you’re not careful, you could be a trigger, too and CFR’s Elliot Abrams on Obama’s West Point commencement address.

For more, PostEverything!