WaPo: Rezaian Faces 4 Charges Including Espionage

The first description of the charges leveled against The Washington Post's Tehran bureau chief.

Nine months since his arrest last July, the first description of the charges leveled against The Washington Post‘s Tehran bureau chief, Jason Rezaian, by Iranian authorities has finally surfaced.

According to Leila Ahsan, Rezaian’s lawyer in Tehran, the imprisoned reporter will be charged with espionage, along with three other serious charges, including “collaborating with hostile governments” and “propaganda against the establishment.”

The indictment alleges that Rezaian gathered information “about internal and foreign policy” and provided it to “individuals with hostile intent.” Although the Revolutionary Court has not officially divulged the charges against Rezaian, Ashan learned of the charges during a brief meeting with Jason on Monday.

The meeting marks the first time Rezaian has been allowed to consult with a lawyer since he was arrested on July 22.

CNN’s Jim Sciutto spoke with Jason’s brother, Ali Rezaian, on Sunday’s edition of “State of the Union,” discussing everything from his family’s state of mind to his contact with American officials. Ali has been unable to speak with his brother since his incarceration in the infamous Evin Prison, but told Sciutto that “Jason certainly feels betrayed by [Iran], by the legal system there which he believed should protect him with the rights of an Iranian citizen.”

Watch the “State of the Union” interview with Ali Rezaian, courtesy of CNN.