WaPo Reporter to Get Swirlie?

Fun times ahead at WaPo! Lindsay Applebaum, a sports editor at the esteemed D.C. establishment, posed a really intriguing question Saturday night at 10:36 p.m. Namely, who’s getting a swirlie? We looked it up in the Urban Dictionary just to be sure, but yes, this involves sticking a person’s head in a toilet. It is intended to be torture or punishment.

“Which of these people is going to get a swirlie on his last day at The Post? @PaulTenorio @dcsportsbog @RickMaese” she wrote. (Paul Tenorio and Rick Maese are sports reporters at WaPo.)

The tweet was later deleted, for which Applebaum is eternally grateful. “@PaulTenorio good work deleting that other tweet,” she wrote.

Tenorio and Maese: You’ve been warned.