WaPo Reporter Grew Up With Kris Humphries

For one Washington reporter, watching Kim Kardashian‘s marriage unravel has been something of an oddity.

WaPo‘s “The Fix” reporter Aaron Blake came of age in the same Minneapolis neighborhood as Kardashian’s soon to be ex-husband Kris Humphries. Humphries was a year behind Blake. Their mothers were acquaintances. The Humphries’ were involved in Bible study.

“I grew up with Kris Humphries, so it was always weird seeing his face on the cover of People magazine,” said Blake. “Mostly, I’m sad that I no longer have an interesting anecdote to throw out when people talk about Kim Kardashian. But I’m also sad that this happened before we could come up with a funny ‘Brangelina’- or ‘TomKat’-like nickname for the two of them.”

Blake doesn’t remember Humphries being the town hunk. “He was a year younger in a big school, and he went to a different high school, so I didn’t know him well,” Blake remarked. “But I don’t recall him being a middle-school heartthrob.”