WaPo Reconsiders Drug Testing Policy for Prospective Employees

One paper might be rolling its weed... policy back (cough, cough).

One paper might be rolling its weed… policy back (cough, cough).

Apologies for the terrible pun… but according to The Huffington Post’s Dave Jamieson, The Washington Post is reconsidering its position on testing prospective employees, in light of the the District’s decision to go forward with its legalization of marijuana this week.

“Asked if marijuana use could still preclude someone from working at the Post, a spokesperson for the paper said that the “Washington Post is reviewing its policy in light of the changes to D.C. law,” without elaborating any further.”

Jamieson also pointed out it might be a bit hypocritical if DC’s criminal code were “more forgiving of marijuana use than DC’s liberal paper of record,” especially given the opinion piece that they ran yesterday by freelance journalist Gina Tron which argued against such screening processes.