WaPo Producer Returns to Radio Roots

After just 10 months at WaPo, producer Sam Sanders is returning to NPR. He will be a radio producer on NPR’s national desk and will also do some on-air reporting. He was a fellow there from 2009-2010.

See the short and sweet memo…

We are very sorry to announce that producer Sam Sanders is leaving for a
radio producer postion on NPR’s national desk. Sam will be working directly
with correspondents and doing occasional on-air reporting himself.  Sam was
a Kroc fellow at NPR from 2009 – 2010, and he is happy to return to radio,
where his passion lies.

In just 10 short months, Sam has worked on some of foreign’s biggest news
stories. He has experimented with new tools and seen his work lead
searches, top the homepage and become templates for how we cover big
stories. From a live timeline of the Chilean Miners rescue, to
live-blogging the Mideast, to maintaining a robust graphic on the Arab
spring, to working all night to help produce The Hunt for Osama Bin Laden,
Sam has had his hands in digital content with high impact. He will be
missed. His last day will be Friday, June 24.

Cory             Sandy