WaPo Partners with Flipboard

Beginning in May, WaPo's "new customized and visually compelling reading experience built specifically for a national audience" will be available on Flipboard.

The Washington Post and Flipboard have announced a partnership today, according to a press release.

Beginning in May, WaPo‘s “new customized and visually compelling reading experience built specifically for a national audience” will be available on Flipboard. Several special reports on 2016 presidential candidates are already available to Flipboard users, including Senator Ted Cruz‘s early entry.

“Political news is important to our growing national audience, so we’re pleased to make The Post’s coverage available on Flipboard,” said Steve Hills, president and GM of The Washington Post in a press release.

“As the Presidential campaign season unfolds, people will be looking for ways to understand each candidate and their platform,” said Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard. “By partnering with The Washington Post our readers can connect with their award-winning coverage, but also get richer perspectives on each candidate shared in their Flipboard Magazines.”