WaPo Online Partners With Apture

Web publishing and content-compilation technology provider Apture in San Mateo, Calif. has partnered with washingtonpost.com to offer a way to view political data, congressional records, video, news and abstracts without leaving a washingtonpost.com page.

The Web site will make the data and content available to any blog or Web site that uses the Apture publishing platform.

Apture develops publishing tools that enable a publisher to easily integrate Apture’s Media Hub, putting in-place viewing technology into its Web site with a single line of code. Media Hub is a Web-editing interface that sources, captures and delivers relevant resources in any format — video, audio, map, documents, photos, reference guides — that producers want to share.

Media Hub enables editors to easily include rich media content of their choice from more than 25 sources, including YouTube videos, Wikipedia content, Google Maps, or in-house archives, to add richness and depth to stories. A simple interface provides relevant information without the reader needing to leave the page or search for more information. Instead, the editor can source and reference all kinds of media through the Apture Media Hub.

Apture technology will integrate with washingtonpost.com’s Congressional Votes Database to provide up-to-date information through a seamless interactive Apture window that automatically links to the names of House and Senate members. Voting data goes back to 1991. Readers can view the information without leaving the article they are reading.

Political blogs and media sites that integrate the Apture publishing platform can readily host content from the washingtonpost.com Congressional Votes Database via Media Hub. They may also access public domain U.S. legislative footage dating back to 2006 from Metavid via Media Hub.

Through the customized integration for the washingtonpost.com (and available to other publishers) Apture can incorporate in-house content in any format, according to the company. Documents, images, data, audio and video can be linked and made accessible through the Media Hub.

“Using cutting-edge technology from Apture, we are now enabling readers to quickly access our comprehensive congressional databases without leaving their page,” washingtonpost.com executive editor Jim Brady said in a statement. “We are also making this available to other sites in Apture’s network” he added, noting that users may “simply by hovering over a congress member’s name” to get washingtonpost.com content “without leaving the site they’re on.”