WaPo Ombudsman Addresses Concerns About The Paper’s Quality Amidst Recent Changes

In Sunday’s paper, WaPo ombudsman Andrew Alexander addressed readers’ concerns of compromised quality, less watchdog reporting and less depth, amidst announcements of recent changes. He assures readers that while staff morale may seem low, that commitment remains high. “There’s anxiety, but immense pride. Most view the changes as painful but necessary. Some say they’re overdue. I agree,” Alexander writes.

In the piece, WaPo executive editor Marcus Brauchli said he expects “some diminution of quality.” “This is a year of exceptional changes,” he said. “We’re willing to endure some distraction in the short term in order to be stronger in the long term.”

And Dana Priest (who Alexander points out is a Pulitzer Prize-winning report for the Post): “We are journalists not because of the good pay or the bankers’ hours, but because we love The Washington Post and its role in making the country stronger and better. Those motivations are not going to disappear. They will just compete with the chaos of a transition from the present to what is at the other end of this long, dark media industry tunnel.”