WaPo Offers Unique Chance to be Stepford Reader

WaPo is offering a special deal to its readers: a chance to live in the Stepford-type town of Ladysmith Village, “conveniently located between Fredericksburg and Richmond.” Sorry, no relation to Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

But the place sounds perfect. Maybe a little too perfect. It includes:

  • a resort-style pool
  • nature trails
  • 120 acres of open space
  • something called a “South River Sanctuary”
  • an on site elementary school (perfect for replacing all the Village children with robots ala Stepford)
  • homes starting at $180,000

The tagline: “Maybe it was the swing on my very first porch or the welcome basket left beside it. Either way, I knew I was home.”

Home conjures so many images. There’s “Desperate Housewives” or David Lynch‘s “Blue Velvet,” where all seems normal but something dark lurks within. Or “The Truman Show” where everything is so pleasant, masking the simple fact that you’re living a lie.

Take advantage of this WaPo deal at your own risk.