WaPo Mocks ‘Questionable Interns’

In the Fishbowl we’ve been under siege by the moral police for a post in which we drew attention to a new intern at WaPo who, in a newsroom memo, introduced the publication’s CEO to the staff.

WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten said we were “piling on a kid” (a “kid” who is older than 18). Katharine Zaleski, executive director of digital news at the publication, called us “sad” (because we’re crying). And finally, James V. Grimaldi, a reporter for the paper, called FishbowlDC “loathesome.”

But today WaPo posted this photo below on Facebook with the caption “Tell us about the questionable interns you’ve encountered and we’ll meme-ify your experience.”

Hold on, eager Facebookers. Don’t tell WaPo about its own questionable interns. They don’t like that over there.