WaPo Loses Ex-Pentagon Reporter/War Correspondent

On a day when military reporting is dominating the landscape, WaPo loses a reporter who has largely been a war correspondent. Ann Scott Tyson is leaving to take a on a “challenging” book project that involves her experiences as a foreign correspondent. She moved to the Metro section to cover transportation in 2010. But before that, she covered beats in Iraq and Afghanistan and was known for her in-depth coverage of Special Ops forces. The editors wish her well.

See the farewell internal memo….

We are sorry to announce that Ann Scott Tyson is leaving The Post to take on a challenging book project, but wish her well in an endeavor that will
draw on her talent and experience as a military reporter and foreign correspondent.

Ann arrived at the Post in 2005 and quickly established herself as an aggressive Pentagon reporter and war correspondent. On patrol and in remote
outposts with dozens of military units in Iraq and Afghanistan, Ann provided vivid coverage of pivotal battles and shifting strategies, from
the 2007 Baghdad troop surge and Sunni awakening to the 2009 Marine push into Afghanistan’s volatile Helmand Province. Her compassion as a reporter shone through in narratives about the physical and mental toll on U.S. troops from repeated deployments. Ann’s persistence was displayed in her in-depth coverage of women in combat and Special Operations Forces. She also produced front-page photographs, photo galleries, and video series from the war zones.

Ann put her skill to work in 2010 on the Metro beat, where she wrote on Washington’s deteriorating transit system, the 2009 Red Line crash and the
struggle of victims’ families to recover.

Ann came to the Post from the Christian Science Monitor, where she covered the military starting in 2001, produced prize-winning articles as an
embedded reporter during the US invasion of Iraq, served a stint in Chicago and worked as a foreign correspondent in China and Hong Kong.

Ann’s last day will be May 6. Please join us in wishing her all the best.

Michael       Vernon