WaPo Launches “Fed Page”


From the release:

    After breaking a new page-view record yesterday, The Washington Post and washingtonpost.com today launch The Fed Page, an in-depth, on-line look at the Federal Government’s workforce, departments and contracting practices amid the first major administration changeover in eight years.

    The Fed Page: Inside the Government Workforce will provide vital information to workers in the government, contractors who work with the government, and readers who want to understand the Federal Government’s inner workings. In coming weeks, amid the transition, the site will offer insights into officials up for key posts in the new administration.

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    “In many ways, Washington is a company town, and the company that runs the town is the government,” said Marcus Brauchli , The Post’s Executive Editor. “This page will bring together our myriad journalistic strengths with content that is about, for and even by people who depend on the Federal Government. We’ll bring sophisticated and thorough coverage to the federal workforce culture and the vast and costly array of contracting and procurement activities.”

    “The Fed Page takes the Post’ in-depth reporting and incorporates the technology and tools to let readers go even deeper into the policy-making process,” said Liz Spayd, Editor of washingtonpost.com. “Adding continuous news, video, live discussions and resources covering the spectrum of federal issues, the page gives readers an expansive, insider’s channel to government news and information.”

    The page will include the following features:


  • The Federal Eye–A new multi-media blog by veteran washingtonpost.com journalist Ed O’Keefe that will be the eyes and ears inside the federal bureaucracy (launching next week). Regular posts provide an intimate picture of government life, from whistle blowing to the transition of a new administration.

  • In the Loop—Longtime Washington Post columnist Al Kamen reports throughout the week on the comings and goings and pratfalls of the Federal Government.

  • The Federal Diary–Joe Davidson’s popular print column will be a central online dimension, reporting on the critical issues facing federal employees.

  • Government Inc.–Robert O’Harrow Jr. provides an insider’s look at a wide range of government agency contracting, including defense and intelligence activities.


  • Navigating the Bureaucracy –Interactive navigation bar providing readers information on how to obtain federal jobs, current pay and benefits information, contracting and federal procurement information and more.

  • The Revolving Door–Aggressive and timely reporting on incoming and outgoing federal officials, bureaucrats and the changes in administration.

  • Recommended Reading–A collection of the day’s most relevant stories from around the Web, including government workforce websites.

  • Government Worker Polls–Gauges opinions on important and interesting matters from the biggest impediment to doing good work to the “best” or “worst” cafeterias in government buildings.

  • Thrifty Savings Plan–Widget enabling federal workers to regularly check up on their retirement plans.

    Interactive Features:

  • Live Discussions–A source for government employees and national audiences to ask questions about the inner workings of Federal Government.

  • Discussion Groups–The Post’s Federal Government experts including Al Kamen, Joe Davidson, Ed O’Keefe and Robert O’Harrow Jr., will host regular online discussion groups for readers looking for in-depth conversations on federal news.