Who’s Guessing About Bezos and WaPo Today?

Today, the NYT’s Nick Wingfield and Brian Stelter  are the latest to attempt to read the mind of Jeff Bezos, bringing us the latest in a string of technology and innovation will save us type stories. Ironically, they are the two things some newspapers, WaPo among them, have spent much of the last two decades avoiding.

This one is notable because it attempts to paint Silicon Valley as not just a savior, but an altruistic one at that.

“Call it a sense of obligation. Or responsibility. Or maybe there is even a twinge of guilt. Helping print journalism adapt to a changed era is becoming a cause de jour among the technology elite.”

I’m not and editor, but I think can tighten that up: “Rich tech guy bought a newspaper. Hooray!”

Who else has been riding this bandwagon?

Add all these and countless more we’re sure we’ve missed to the pile of speculative stories WaPo’s sale has created. The main subject of all of them—Bezos—isn’t talking much if at all about what he plans to do with the paper, and he’s certainly not talking to these writers one on one. Until he does, or until we start to see actual news beyond the sale, it’s just guess work.