WaPo Hooks Up With Bloomberg L.P.

In a strange bedfellows sort of arrangement, WaPo is linking up with Bloomberg L.P. to “co-brand” an online business section. The section is called: “The Washington Post with Bloomberg Business.” Subhead: Where Washington and Business Intersect
A release says the “collaboration combines The Post’s expertise in national politics and policy with Bloomberg’s business news, data and information from around the globe.”So far reporters writing for the section include WaPo’s Ezra Klein and Michelle Singletary. Bloomberg features stories by Caroline Baum, Ann Woolner, Amity Shlaes, Victoria Chick and Ann Pettifor.
Both WaPo and Bloomberg Editors remark for the release, with WaPo’s comments preceding Bloomberg’s.
“As Washington’s leading news organization, The Post has long produced definitive, original reporting on the crucial economic-policy and regulatory issues that affect the U.S. and world markets,” said Marcus Brauchli, WaPo Executive Editor. “Partnering with Bloomberg brings together our strength in those areas with the enormous expertise of Bloomberg in market and policy news in one comprehensive online offering.”
And Bloomberg:
Matthew Winkler, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg News remarked in a statement, “As Bloomberg has become the first, fastest and most factual provider of the story of money in all its forms, readers of the redesigned online business section conceived with the Washington Post can look forward to a unique blend of actionable news.”