WaPo: Fox News Sunday May Become ‘Crucible’ for GOP Candidates

The Washington Post outlined the "Five things to watch as the 2016 campaigns develop." Here were some interesting takeaways

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 3.36.39 PMThe Washington Post released an article yesterday outlining the “Five things to watch as the 2016 campaigns develop.” Among them was “Live TV Appearances,” in which the DC-based Sunday morning show, “FOX News Sunday,” was listed as having the potential to hold as much significance as the GOP primaries.

“For Republican candidates, Chris Wallace’s “FOX News Sunday” show may become something of a crucible,” writes the Post‘s Ed Rogers. “Getting through a successful appearance with Wallace may be as important as any other challenge a candidate will face before the start of the primaries.”

It will be interesting to witness the possible rise and fall of Republican candidates over the next year and a half, based on Wallace’s interviews, so stay tuned…