WaPo Finally Fills Void in Deal-Finder Websites

Today, WaPo announced the launch of a new deal-finder website, The Capitol Deal. Because D.C. doesn’t have enough of those already.

Last year, the paper launched The Capitol Dish, which they say has helped D.C. residents get great deals at local restaurants. The new site, with a slight name change, will offer deals at places like Willowcroft Farm Vineyards and Fit3, whatever those are. The site is also sponsoring the Mid-City Shop & Save Showcase on Saturday at noon. Participating stores will have black, purple and green balloons as markers. Fun and festive.

But thank you, WaPo. Because if there’s one thing we need in our e-mail inboxes, it’s another newsletter offering us 40 percent off skydiving lessons or manicures at some spa in Virginia. Looking at you guys, Groupon and LivingSocial.

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