WaPo.com Takes WaPo Brand

If you haven’t noticed, the brand formally known as washingtonpost.com is no more. The website has gone back to the future by embracing the iconic Blackletter Washington Post logo for their site.

See the internal announcement after the jump.


Starting this week, our website will assume the iconic Blackletter Washington Post banner as its logo.

This recognizes what we all have long known: washingtonpost.com is very much part of The Washington Post, complementary and in some ways distinct, but an absolutely central part of who we are. As we rethink how we present our journalism–whether it emanates from the paper or from the web–we wanted to signal that clearly to all our audiences.

Our URL address online will remain washingtonpost.com.

This will be one of many changes you’ll see in coming months as we bring our print and online news operations together. We’ll also be introducing several other enhancements soon to the web site, including an innovative new way to search listings on a freshly redesigned Real Estate section and new ways of providing readers much more user-friendly way to discover content from the site and across the Web that complements the articles they are reading.

We welcome your suggestions and ideas for strengthening the identity, the reach and the authority of the Washington Post brand and our journalism in all media. Many thanks.

Marcus Brauchli, Raju Narisetti