WaPo Benghazi Tweet Elicits Reader Outrage

Everywhere you look these days, someone is offended about something. So let’s begin with the offending tweet.


Washington Examiner‘s conservative columnist Byron York retweeted the offensive nugget and remarked, “Actual WaPo tweet.” A Capitol Hill aide who would only speak on condition of anonymity said, “Hey, let’s dismiss and marginalize those who are concerned about the lives lost at Benghazi!”

They weren’t alone in their outrage. Many others followed suit:

Instapundit: “@washingtonpost Thanks for your constructive response to a national tragedy. Also, filmmaker Nakoula is still in jail.”

Jenna Brockman of Austin, Texas: “@washingtonpost i’m a broke white girl and i’m following every MINUTE of #Benghazi b/c i CARE about THIS COUNTRY. UNFOLLOWING U IMMEDIATELY.”

Marie from Texas: “Hi @washingtonpost I’m in my twenties and I’m a female who is tweeting about #BenghaziHearing. Looks like you’re wrong & also an asshole.”

Jon Gabriel: “Not dead service foreign service personnel.”

LK: “What in the real life fuck?!”

Trish: “@washingtonpost You people are disgusting. No wonder Reagan called you the Washington COMPOST!”

Comfy Paws: “I’m a middle class white woman @washingtonpost. <– hacks.”

Don Surber, editorial writer for the Charleston Daily Mail: “I remember when the Washington Post was a newspaper. Now it it’s a Twitter Trolling Attention Whore.”

Mr. Georgia Pines: “The Washington Post can blow me.”

Townhall‘s Katie Pavlich: “Hi @washingtonpost not only am I tweeting about Benghazi, I’m at the hearing wearing a red dress & heels. Not exactly a rich-middle aged man.”