Wanted: Good Mobile E-tail Sites


In his Marketing Daily commentary for Mediapost, David King discusses a subject near and dear to this shopper’s heart: that the cell phone is becoming a key online shopping device but e-tailers don’t make it easy.

Retail sites that want to welcome these mobile shoppers need to recognize the shop vs browse mentality and remember that the phone’s small screen can become quickly cluttered. The key to a successful mobile-friendly site, King says, is either limiting or reorganizing the content to make it easier for mobile shoppers to find what they’re looking for. Also, he says, retailer sites using cascading style sheets designed for the PC should consider upgrading to a version of CSS developed for mobile users, and they should also think about ditching the Flash animation, which eats up a lot of bandwidth (and doesn’t work with the iPhone, either).

Another key point to remember – not everyone has an iPhone or BlackBerry, so simple is better for attracting a wider audience.