Want To Work At McGraw-Hill? Here’s What You Must Know

StartWire did a very thorough interview with Adam Eisenstein, a Marketing/Branding Specialist for Talent Acquisition at The McGraw-Hill Companies. If you are looking for a job in information* it’s a must-read.

The one thing every jobseeker must know about McGraw-Hill: “There are more opportunities in different fields and job functions than you have ever thought of…The thing people don’t know about McGraw-Hill is that Standard & Poor’s and Platts are huge parts of this company. Energy and financial services are our biggest growth sectors.”

The assumption you must never make: “Publishing textbooks is only a fraction of the work we do. Only a minority of our jobs are in book publishing. Even in publishing, there are diverse jobs from social media marketing to public relations….We are not really a publishing company anymore and haven’t been so for a while. We are in the business of delivering information. If people want to see information in books, we’ll give them books; if they want it on their desktops or on an iPad or mobile, we’ll do that!”

There’s more here. Go check it out.

*We would call this publishing, but as Eisenstein himself notes, that’s not really a useful term.