Wake Up to Leon Harris In Your Ear

Waking up to the voice of a broadcaster just seems like a bad idea. Sure, it’s better than dishes breaking on the floor, but still, how about some relaxing music?

Nonetheless, for the newsies among us, ABC7/WJLA-TV is “thrilled” to announce the launch of the The ABC7 Alarm Clock app, which allows viewers to awake to the voice of their favorite local reporter. Choices include Alison Starling, Cynné Simpson, Jacqui Jeras, Leon Harris and Steve Chenevey.

The app is available for free on iTunes, and allows users… to settle into their day with local news, current weather and traffic conditions and personalized alarm clock greetings from ABC7 personalities.

“We had so much fun creating this app,” says General Manager Bill Lord. “Fans can now literally wake-up with our team and get their news headlines, weather and traffic before even getting out of bed.”