Want to Say These Forbidden Things During an Interview? Bite Your Tongue!

judgeHave you ever wanted to reveal everything (and we do mean everything) on a job interview?

For instance, when the interviewer asks why you’re looking for a new job you really want to proclaim, “My boss is a complete jerk!”

Alas, if only you could.

This piece on AOL Jobs inspired us to think about what truly needs to be left unsaid during an interview. Yes, it’s common knowledge job seekers are looking for a new opportunity to a variety of reasons including a bad boss. Like an unspoken truth, you don’t need to acknowledge it.

If you start bad mouthing that boss, from the interviewer’s point of view what’s to stop you from bad mouthing them? Seriously.

If you’re working in a toxic environment or for an unethical company, we completely get it. You’re interviewing to escape the wrath and enjoy a healthier environment. Instead of dishing about your current situation, you can focus on what you are looking to gain instead. Leverage the interview to showcase your skills and experiences. Make them sparkle even more by resisting the temptation to talk about all of the negativity in your current situation.

Lastly, as pointed out in the piece, you may be very prepared for the interview. As for the interviewer? Not so much. The interviewer may not be skilled in asking specific questions, they may be harried or all of the above. Instead of waiting for them to ask you about what makes you qualified for the role, simply tell them.

As suggested in the piece, “You make sure to fit it into the conversation.”