Want to Resign ASAP? Consider These Simple Strategies to Hold On a Little Bit Longer

If you’re burned out at your current job and simply can’t wait to make a move, you’re not alone. How can you possibly fit in networking, job hunting and interviewing while you’re working an intense job?

Maybe you should just surrender, cut bait on the job and focus on pounding the pavement full-time. It can certainly be a difficult decision to make.

Well, according to a BBC piece, there are a few strategies to keep in mind before surrendering altogether. Sure, it could be taxing looking for a job while you’re clocking 80-hour work weeks. And leveraging social media may be a bit challenging if you’re connected to colleagues. Being unemployed could lessen the burden of having to sneak around your employer’s back but there’s a financial burden sans paycheck. There’s also the notion of explaining a gap on your resume.

Per the piece though, one option to explore before you give your two weeks notice is to take a simple staycation. Take a few days off and focus full throttle on your search. Put coals in the fire and stay focused. Plus, if you take time off when it’s not the holidays or a busy time of year, people you’re trying to arrange networking meetings with will actually be available to meet.

Want another idea? How about taking unpaid leave? This way, you’ll still have that coveted concentrated time off from the day job but you won’t have to explain any gaps on your resume.

To maximize your valuable time, concoct a timeline with weekly attainable goals. The piece suggests documenting the attributes you want in your next job ranging from the salary right down to the commute you’re seeking. Continue to work on your goals and add a significant amount of patience. Mix and repeat. (That is, it’s safe to assume it could take several months to land a new job.)

If you’ve exhausted all possible strategies and your job, boss, and/or environment are simply too unbearable to sustain, go directly to the exit door and also think of a compelling story to explain the gap on your resume. Use the free time to your advantage by job hunting and simultaneously bulking up your professional development with training, learning new skills or volunteering.