Want to Read 24 Hours Worth of Tweets? That’ll Take you 10 Years

Here’s your ridiculous stat of the day: if you sat down and read every single tweet that graced Twitter over a 24 hour time period, you’d be sitting at your computer screen, glassy eyed, for approximately ten years.

On Monday, Stephen Blackwell from Death and Taxes sat down to try to figure out just how long it would take to read 24 hours worth of tweets. We’re not sure why, but it resulted in some pretty staggering numbers.

Twitter reports that over 50 million tweets are sent out into the Twitterverse every day. Think about this – at any given second, there are about 580 tweets about everything from the latest in social media marketing to Justin Bieber’s new haircut being furiously typed and sent.

Blackwell took this number and did some not-quite-scientific-but-still-interesting research of his own to see how long it would take someone to get through these 50 million tweets.

He read out loud as many tweets as he could in a 15 minute time period. By the time the stopwatch beeped, he had made it through approximately 100 tweets. He did the math, and figured that it took about 6.6 seconds to reach each tweet, along with the name of the tweeter (but not including any links the tweet might include).

So, crunch these numbers and what do you get?

An insane amount of reading material, for one.

Blackwell explains that at 6.6 seconds each, it would take 330,000,000 seconds to read the 50,000,000 tweets produced in a 24 hour time-period. That’s about 10 years.

Wow… that’s a lot of Bieber commentary for one person.