Want to Get Hired Unconventionally? Try Commenting Your Way Into a Gig

Okay, maybe you’ve tried everything to get hired like cold calling a hiring manager, tweeting your prospective employer and snail mailing your resume. When it comes to thinking outside the box, have you considered commenting on a site?

As per a post on paidContent, the new weekend editor at Gawker Media’s auto-focused site Jalopnik got hired because he was a regular commenter. Simply stated, Mike Ballaban apparently got his new job for being an active participant and engaging with the site.

The site’s editor launched a new comment system a few months ago which gives every commenter their very own blog! And in hindsight, the hiring move shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since the site’s editor Matt Hardigree hinted at it back in February, as pointed out in the paidContent piece:

“You’ll also be able to republish articles from our site (and eventually all Gawker sites) and we’ll be able to do the same. If we do republish something you created you’ll get the byline, the credit, and it’ll be clear where it came from. When we look for the next generation of writers for our site, and other sites, we’ll be looking at who does well in Kinja.”

In a blog post, Hardigree mentioned the media site has previously hired commenters to be paid writers; Ballaban wasn’t the first one. Ryan Tate currently works at Wired but he was hired after trashing a job ad Gawker had posted!

As per the piece, at the time the Jalopnik editor was “particularly impressed with [Ballaban’s] passionate Suzuki eulogy and evaluation of American cars.”

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