Want to Do PR for the NHL?


Most PR pros get paid for their work. However, the NHL is offering fans the opportunity to pay them to do PR. At least, it seems like the work would be fun (meet the players!), and it’s for a good cause.

From a press release:

The National Hockey League Fans’ Association (NHLFA) online auction for two fans to bid on opportunities to be public relations assistants at the 2008 NHL All Star Game weekend in Atlanta held January 25-27 closes this Saturday evening at 9:00 p.m. ET.

The two highest bidding fans will get the opportunity to help the NHL’s public relations department and assist the game’s best players as they fulfill media availability. They will also spend some quality private time with the Stanley Cup.

With attendence shaky in some markets, the sport was helped by the publicity created around last week’s outdoor game in Buffalo.

Read the full release here.