Want To Be On TV, Go On Facebook

Just in time for Facebook’s IPO, there is a new Facebook app available to let social networks have their 15 minutes of fame.

A company called Youtoo today has released a new app called “The Be on TV” that lets Facebook users record and upload videos of themselves, which will be aired on network television. The way it works is that users can make videos that respond to questions posed by a Youtoo program. Then the user can share the video on their Facebook page. Users will get a notification once their video has been approved, which will include the date it is scheduled to air.

Here is more from the press release: “Starting this week, the Facebook Be on TV app will broadcast videos from Facebook to air on Youtoo TV, which can be seen in 177 of the top 200 cable markets in the US. The app was designed for major broadcasters around the world and will run on other networks in Fall 2012.”