Want To Be Awesome At Your Job? Exercise

What does Richard Simmons have to do with making you awesome at your job? EVERYTHING.

You and I? We probably sit at our desk way more often than we care to admit. You probably don’t need me to tell you it’s bad for you. You’ve heard it all before. And although chewing popcorn while sitting may block out the effects of advertising on the brain, all that sitting is making you unproductive too. I mean, look at Richard Simmons on Ellen right now. He’s a million-years-old, but I bet he moves, and thinks, better than you and I do.

So here’s a novel concept: Want to be awesome at your job? Exercise. Seriously. Yet again we have another study, this one just released, that details the positive effects exercise has on the brain. The bottom line is that the more you exercise, the better your brain processes stuff. So although I can only speculate, I’d wager it’s safe to say that if you want to be awesome at your job, you might want to join your local gym. Or take up cheerleading. Either way, if you’re asking yourself how you can exercise when you spend so much time at work, here’s 29 exercises you can probably do right now while at the office.

And once you look over that list, you better get to it. You have content to create, stuff to do, and mountains to climb. Ok. Maybe not actual mountains, but mountains made out of paper! Paper consisting of crap you have to do for your job. Crap you can now do twice as fast because you exercised!