Want Thousands Of Facebook Likes For $40?

If the term 'auto-like' makes you salivate, you might be a brand manager or Facebook page administrator.

-Unlike Icon-If the term “auto-like” makes you salivate, you might be a brand manager or Facebook page administrator. Getting as may “likes” as possible on the social network is the proverbial Holy Grail for some, and if there’s a way to increase a fan base though automation, there are many willing to do so.

An oDesk listing sent to us by Rafael Fortuny of Invitar requests the development of a script to automatically generate Facebook likes from a database of emails and passwords for what we would assume are fake Facebook accounts. The poster offers a whopping $40 to whoever develops the script. While I’m sure that someone will build a junk script, there’s a much greater likelihood that all the fake accounts will be shut down and the likes disappear forever.

Here’s the posting that was published on oDesk:

We want a PHP script that automatically likes a particular post/picture on Facebook XX number of times.

We have a database of username, passwords and proxies.

The script should login into facebook using random proxy from our database, like, logout and repeat the action given number of times.

You can use script given at http://fernandomagro.com/programming/facebook-auto-like-script/

While it could theoretically work, I’m not quite sure what value having thousands of fake Facebook likes is worth, unless of course you are looking to resell those likes to other brands, something we expecting to happen once this script is developed. The resale possibilities explain why so many sites promise thousands of fans for only a few bucks; often the “likes” are fake, but plenty of brands are so desperate that they are willing to try anything.

From our own experience, your best chance of getting quality fans is through buying Facebook ads. However if you’d prefer to get fans for unheard of prices, you might as well contact the poster of this particular oDesk listing.

Special thanks to Rafael Fortuny for the tip.