Want Facebook to Share More Data? Start a Campaign & Vote With Your Feet

After Facebook at least temporarily removed itself from the Google Friend Connect program this week (a program it never officially joined as far as I can tell), some folks in the 280/101 corridor have been complaining that Facebook is not currently more open to sharing user data.

Ultimately, with most questions of balancing consumer and corporate interests, I am a strong believer in the power of the free market to do what is best for the customer. If you don’t like the way Facebook is handling your user data, you should start a campaign. If Facebook doesn’t listen, leave. If enough users leave, Facebook will have to change its approach, simple as that.

The problem is, nobody outside Silicon Valley cares about making their Facebook data portable right now. There are two groups of 50 users each on all of Facebook campaigning on this issue. The DataPortability.org Cause has 92 members. It’s not that this is not an important discussion, it’s just that almost no Facebook users care enough to make a stink about it – they’re all too busy playing Scrabulous.

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