Want Better Grades? Try Facebook, New Study Says

At least once a month we see a study showing that Facebook either helps or harms students' performance. The latest one offers a good report card.

Facebook does many things, but boost academic performance isn’t one of them, right? Wrong. A new study suggests that social networking sites may help college students both socially and academically.

The study, conducted in China and Hong Kong and published in the International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations, found that 90 percent of students use Facebook.

The researchers found that social networking used by college students could be categorized in two ways: social and educational. In terms of education, social media allowed students to connect with faculty and other students in a way they wouldn’t if limited to real-time interactions.

Snd social media allowed students to build relationships and support networks; it also made it easier to make friends, stay in contact with family and provided an outlet for down time and fun.

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