Want A White iPhone? eBay Is Offering iPhone Trade-Ins

If you are drooling over the new white iPhones, but can’t rationalize buying a new iPhone already, eBay has the solution. Trade your old one in for money from eBay.

An Apple iPhone 4, 16 GB that is fully functional in good condition will fetch $275. Throw in the charger and you’ll get an extra $10.If it’s in “excellent condition,” you’ll get even more money.

eBay will pay for the shipping, remove personal data (which I recommend doing on your own if you can), and PayPal you the money. And bam, you’ve got more than the $199 to buy a new white iPhone 4. You’ll need the extra money to pay for the two year contract though.

This offer is only running for a limited time, follow this link for more details.

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