Wannabe Work-From-Home-Parents Would Take a Pay Cut to Do It

Employers, if you’ve been leery of letting your employees telecommute, here’s some data that may make you take another look: of parents who don’t work from home but would like to, more than nine in 10 would be willing to take a pay cut for the privilege, according to a new survey from FlexJobs.

Not all of them even need to work — 9 percent said they’re working because they want to, not because the job is a financial necessity.

Working parents also said that a part-time job, about 20-29 hours a week, would be perfect.

The parents surveyed also said that when it came time to look for their next job, the most important factor (89%) would be flexibility. So employers, should you not honor these educated, talented workers’ requests for flexibility, they may just go somewhere else. Or home to baby.

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