Wanna Write The NYT Baghdad Bureau?


…Well, it’s too late.

The New York Times has some of the world’s most well-trained reporters. However, that still does not stop phishers and hackers from getting the passwords to their e-mail accounts. A Times internal memo acquired by LA Observed complains about phishers stealing the password to the Times Baghdad bureau’s Yahoo! account:


The Baghdad Bureau e-mail address nytiraqb@yahoo.com has been compromised and will no longer be used. Please remove it from your address books or e-mail directories.

Use extreme caution if you receive any e-mails purporting to be from Yahoo (either yahoo.com or yahoo-inc.com) and claiming that a password has recently been changed or that you need to confirm an e- mail address.

In a few rare instances such messages are genuine, but most are bogus.

As a result of the problems with the Baghdad e-mail address, you may get such a message. Ignore it.

Likewise, ignore any messages that you may get from nytiraqb@yahoo.com, since this account is no longer being used by the Baghdad Bureau. It is possible that you may even see fake messages that contain fragments of genuine messages previously sent to or from the account. Do not be fooled — the account is being used by unauthorized persons.

If you receive a communication from the Baghdad Bureau and you question its authenticity, you can always phone the bureau to confirm it….

The new bureau e-mail address will be distributed shortly.



Walt Baranger
News Technology Office

We hate when that happens — it’s annoying like invitations to the Dutch lottery or Nigerian get-rich-quick schemes. On the bright side, at least its proof Times reporters are human too.

(Image via CBC)