Walmart Release Web Site for iPhone

Everyone knows that if you want to find something, you can usually find it Walmart. Now the big blue retailer has released an iPhone-compatible version of their website. TUAW reports that if you visit the Walmart website on your iPhone, you will be automatically redirected to an iPhone version of the site.

The site allows users to browse products by category and see special promotional items, as well as a list of $4 prescriptions available from Walmart. There is also a shopping list tool and a search interface.

The site appears, however, to be browse-only; to actually make a purchase, users must head over to the main, non-mobile, Walmart site. It looks as if Walmart’s initial foray into the mobile/iPhone web is meant more as marketing, and less as actual content or application. At the very least, it shows that Walmart is on the ball and recognizes the potential and draw that the mobile space has to the consumer.