Walmart Comms VP ‘Fact Checks’ The New York Times


The purpose of New York Times writer Timothy Egan’s op-ed on income inequality last week was to highlight the inability of our political parties and corporate entities to reach agreement on the best ways to help the millions of working Americans who struggle to provide themselves and their families with the basics.

Egan unsurprisingly singled out two names for blame: the Republican Party and Walmart.

David Tovar, sometime PRSA speaker and VP of corporate communications at the retailer, decided to respond in blog form–and he got a bit cattier than expected. His intro:

“Tim – Thanks for sharing your first draft. Below are a few thoughts to insure something inaccurate doesn’t get published. Hope this helps. – WMT”

Well, then. Full red-ink revision after the jump.

WM Fact check

Responses to the piece predictably devolved into the usual hyper-partisan “real Americans” sniping. You may also note that Tovar doesn’t attempt to counter the basic premise of the study about the number of big box chain employees who rely on government assistance (it “contains an element of truth but needs significantly more information to paint a fuller picture” according to Politifact).

Still, this is certainly a bolder reaction than the one we expected to see.

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