Wall Street Journal Will Charge for Mobile Edition: $52/yr for Paper Subscribers, $104/yr for Everyone Else

The dead tree society (newspapers) needs to find a way to survive the 21st century. Reuters reports that the…

Wall Street Journal to charge mobile readers

…to help pay for its economic health. People who already subscribe to the paper edition of the WSJ will pay an additional $1 per week ($52/year) to read its mobile edition. The rest of us need to pay $2 per week ($104/year) for the privilege of reading the WSJ while on the go.

My guess is that the WSJ will be able to make this change without too much yelling and screaming from analysts and other commentators (like me) simply because the WSJ is the WSJ. But, there aren’t too many other dead tree society members who can make a similar free to fee for mobile news transition.