Wall Street Journal Now Available At New York-Area Starbucks Locations

The Wall Street Journal is once again poised to go head-to-head against the New York Times, this time on newsstands at select Starbucks. The paper announced today that it will now be available for purchase at 450 Starbucks stores across New York and in parts of New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. The news comes just in time to drum up additional interest for the Wall Street Journal‘s upcoming New York section, out next month.

You may recall that USA Today also recently joined the New York Times on Starbuck’s newsstands.

The Journal senior vice president of circulation, Lynne Brennen, explains the paper’s interest in appealing to expensive coffee-drinking readers in New York:

This strategic relationship is consistent with the Journal‘s plan to target New Yorkers, especially with the upcoming new section that will debut next month. The targeted distribution across New York area Starbucks stores allows us to serve our readers and is another platform for customers to sample its broad array of coverage.

Those who choose the Wall Street Journal over the New York Times at their local neighborhood Starbucks will receive a complimentary biscotto molded into the likeness of wayward reporter Kate Taylor being eaten by a shark. [Ed. note: Untrue. But readers will be granted permission to call Arthur Sulzgerger “Ladychin.”]

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