Wall Street Journal Discovers LOLcats

The new hip topic at the Wall Street Journal‘s ‘Personal Journal’ is LOLcats. Specifically, the story behind popular website I Can Has Cheezburger. Writer Aaron Rutkoff even writes it out so that the non-‘net using readers can understand:

Mr. Nakagawa’s simple Web site has become the center of the “LOLcats” phenomenon, a booming online subculture built around digital images and deliberately bad grammar. There’s not much to it: Take a digital photo — often one of household pets, particularly cats — and purposefully place misspelled text on top. Anyone with elementary skills in Adobe’s Photoshop or Microsoft’s Paint software can make their own.

But it’s just worth reading for the greatest hits collection of LOLcats. The link to the history of image macros isn’t too shoddy either. Now we just need the Journal to take a look at Timecube and we’re all set.