‘Walking Dead’ Watchers Take to Twitter

Photo: Scott Garfield via AMCtv.com

Last night’s The Walking Dead premiere on AMC broke records for both the network (which also airs Mad Men and Breaking Bad) and for cable, bringing in more viewers than any other cable debut this year. After the show, viewers went to Twitter and MTV’s the Splash Page did a round up Twitter discussion about the show. (Beware of spoilers in the links!)

There was a pre-premiere PR push for the program, which could have played a role in the success of the debut. But, like many reviews of the show, Twitter posts were positive. Tweets also asked questions about zombies and the plot (“Can a horse become a zombie?”). While it had drawn comparisons to the movie 28 Days Later, is it possible that The Walking Dead will be more like Lost, drawing in fans who spend time online analyzing the show each week?