Walkin' Bag Lean On Me: Standing Support & a Seat for Weary Traveling Gadget Fans

I see a lot of press releases. Some press releases don’t bother with greetings and warm up sentences. They get right to the point with a picture, a story, and a description. Guess what? I like those press releases. It helps me quickly decide if something is interesting enough to continue reading and, maybe, blog about it. This was the case with the press release I received for a somewhat oddly named but descriptive baggage.

Walkin’ Bag Lean On Me

The bags can hold a most notebook computers with screens up to 15.4 inches large. That’s not what makes them unique, obviously. The Walkin’ Bag Lean On Me has two unique features:

1. Unlike most roll-on bags, the bag’s extended handle is weight bearing. This means that you can lean on it for support. The press release noted that the bag’s designer is a polio survivor. The implication is that he, Etsuo Miyoshi, uses to provide support.

2. The bag has a seat that folds away from its back. The seat, the company claims, can support up to 300 pounds.

The release did not provide any price information. I suspect, it is a bit expensive. However, it is definitely an interesting baggage for gadget fans who travel frequently.