Wal-Mart Thinks Customers Don’t Read Magazines


This is a piece about Wal-Mart in which we’re not going to take any cheap shots. We’re not going to say anything about how their stores have wrecked rural economies worldwide, their hostile stance towards unions, their gross underpayment of workers, their demeaning public relations campaigns… we’re not going to mention anything about that. Because that would be unfair.

But Wal-Mart, who are responsible for more than 20% of retail magazine sales in the United States, have decided to stop carrying more than 1,000 magazines in their stores. Big names like The New Yorker, The Economist, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune, Better Homes & Gardens, Fitness, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Town & Country, Parenting and Ski are among the casualties.

No word on Wal-Mart’s official explanation, but despite the economic reasoning that’s most likely behind it — it’s still a shame. People in rural areas still read these magazines too.

In addition, Keith J. Kelly notes that “the move is likely to hurt new magazines, which take time to nurture and develop a following.”

That would be nice… if only publishers would put out new magazines. Which they don’t seem to be doing.

(Image via Ecosherpa)