Wal-Mart: If You Own Half the Planet, You Might As Well Make the Best Of It


An interesting story over at Inhabitat about an unlikely company promoting green product design: Wal-Mart. Yep, that place with the billion stores and square footage to match. They’re starting to integrate green practices within their stores, while also encouraging the makers of the products they carry to do the same. With incentives and everything. We guess you give one former Vice President an Oscar and suddenly everyone’s on board. Here’s some:

Walmart knows its own power. Following the release of a packaging sustainability scorecard last year, Walmart has followed up with a call to the consumer electronics industry — go green and prove it. In partnership with The Green Electronics Council’s EPEAT program (which we’ve mentioned before), Walmart will co-develop a standards scorecard that will evaluate products for energy efficiency, durability, upgradability, end-of-life, packaging, and use of innovative (less toxic) materials.