wakeupcall.tv for iPhone:Alarm Clock & Video Newscast – Good Idea – But, Would be Great if it Were Hyperlocal

YouTube video courtesy of stable8tv

This is one of those press releases that didn’t grab me initially but grew on me the more I thought about it…

iPhone Application Wakeupcall.tv Turns Alarm Clock into Eye Opening Video Newscast

I have to admit that I am one of those people who get woken up by an alarm clock and then turn on the TV to watch the morning news program to get weather, traffic, and, of course, news information. The $1.99 iPhone app…

wakeupcall.tv 1.0

…does all of these in sequence for you. However, it needs one thing to appeal specifically to me and people like me. I’d like this app to go hyperlocal. Although expensive and heavy on the production side, it would be great if these two minute news pieces could be tailored for local areas (say the 20 to 40 largest cities in the US). If you live in one of these cities, this would be a great wake-up service. If you are traveling to one of these cities, it could help you get oriented each day you are there.