Wake Up Wendy Wednesday

mccaw cartoon.jpgWe’re one hour away from what Santa Barbara residents (Santa Barbarians?) promise will be the biggest rally against Wendy McCaw(ful). Dubbed “Wake Up, Wendy, Wednesday,” it’s the first rally organized by community members — not Teamsters or fired journos — to protest questionable practices by the Santa Barbara News-Press publisher.

Says the Santa Barbara Independent:

“It’s possible that there’s already too much indifference over newspapers in this media-soaked age for anyone to care enough to use their lunchbreak to protest. Of course, those of us in the business hope that’s not true, because we still believe that an active, responsible daily newspaper is a key to both a healthy democracy and an enjoyable life. Does the rest of Santa Barbara feel the same way? Wednesday will give some clues to that answer.”

No matter how average Joes feel about the McCaw(ful) debacle, journalists all over California are watching the events with furrowed brows and fixed gazes. Bob Aul, a cartoonist for the OC Weekly, even drew this here “portrait” in a sign of his support.