Wake Up Wendy Wednesday — Thursday’s Perspective

rallygirl.jpgMore than 200 people gathered Wednesday to rally against Santa Barbara News-Press publisher Wendy McCaw(ful), calling out the bullying tactics that have resulted in the loss of 41 staffer jobs and demanding that local businesses stop advertising in the paper.

Matt Kettmann, Senior Editor of the Santa Barabara Independent sops up all the juicy bits in a two-ply story:

[City Councilman Brian] Barnwell then began listing off Santa Barbara’s myriad natural disasters over the past century. He mentioned city-smashing earthquakes, neighborhood-ravaging fires, and coast-contaminating oil spills, and surmised that, “The loss of the News-Press is in that category and yet the chronicler of our history is not recording these events….Our storied institution is dead.” The crowd applauded resoundingly.

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