WakaWaka Will Donate Two WakaWaka Lights for Every WakaWaka Power Sold

Fortunately, the Wakawaka offers some great advantages for mobile users because it has a ridiculous name. Imagine trying to have a serious conversation about this device – trust me, you’ll sound ridiculous unless you are Shakira.

Branding concerns aside, the pocket-sized technology is a godsend for travelers. As a frequent user of Zipcar, I’ve been supremely disappointed with purchasing power cables that never work just as I am embarking on my trip. This solar powered charger will allow me to use naturally occurring daylight to keep my phone happily charged while Google Maps eats all of my power. Freelancers such as myself are always battling for the tables nearest the power outlet at the hipster coffee shop, so I’d imagine this sort of personal power can change coffee shop dynamics altogether.

There’s also another great advantage to having a personal charger – you’ll never have to worry about international plugs. Quite frankly, I don’t understand how the world hasn’t figured out electrical standards. I nearly destroyed my battery in Paris after eight months of using an outlet converter. Obviously you should plan according if you are going to Barrow, Alaska in winter…

The company also has philanthropic goals – it will donate two lights for each Wakawaka charger purchased.

Did you know all together more than 1.2 million families in Haiti still live in the dark? And did you know that 370,000 people in Haiti still live in shelters, 3 years after the earthquake? Together with you, WakaWaka wants to change this. “Let´s#LightUpHaiti !” is the name for our new crowdfunding campaign. We decided to combine the launch of the new WakaWaka Power (with phone charge capability) with an ambitious plan to light up every family still living in shelters in Haiti.