Waiting for the TechCrunch “PR War” Post

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Just by posting this we are guilty in doing exactly what Web 2.0 bible TechCrunch wants us to do, write about their “PR war” and drive more traffic to the site. But that’s fine with us, we’ve generally had great interactions with the team there, they’ve been more than fair, and we are genuinely interested in what will go down today.

Last night the site’s editor Mike Arrington posted on Twitter hinting at a Chris Anderson like “PR blacklist” and “declared war” on PR firms.

Here are the Twitter posts that started it all:

we are literally under attack from the PR world. This is going to make a fascinating post. about 5 hours ago from web

I declare war on PR firms. More nonsense today. We’re publishing a list. about 5 hours ago from web

As one PR pro stated to us at last night’s TechSet/Microsoft event in New York: “You don’t write this kind of stuff about lawyers, or engineers, because they won’t read it. PR people will.” Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal‘s Kara Swisher writes: “Wars are in places like Iraq and the Congo and are tragic. They’re not with PR firms, which are not attacking anyone. More nonsense indeed.”

We’re hearing this all stemmed from a valid complaint around broken embargoes. More to come…